本当に良いものを最高の環境で育てたい。 山麓はっちは、2008年から商業用には不向きで品種改良されてこなかった野生種の日本みつばちを人の手のかからない原生林の中で養蜂・管理・採蜜しています。一般的な国産はちみつとは全く違う味と香りをより多くの方に知って頂きたく、2019年初夏採取分よりオンラインSHOP販売を始めました. Sanroku Hatchi Representative tomoka yoshizato 77. Kikuya, Yamaga City, Kumamoto Prefecture (within HAYATA LLC) 2008 ~ After my father retired from the post office, I started wild Japan. From 2010, making use of the topography and knowledge of the foothills, Japanese honeybees grow in primeval forests that avoid pesticides and fertilizers. Switch to a policy of increasing pollinating beneficial insects. From 2011, along with Japanese honeybees, which were originally highly rare, sales to retailers etc. Start From 2019, utilizing the characteristics of Japanese honeybees that are not resistant to artificial chemicals, we started selling nectar from virgin forest trees at our online shop. The style is to sell the honey in its natural state only when the honey is harvested. From 2020, we will start event sales and Marche openings at winery shops and department stores. From the end of 2020, we will work to solve the surplus rice problem of rice farmers who are involved in the installation and operation of birdhouses. 2021 ~Start selling YOHEHO body warmer Received the 2022 Omotenashi Selection Gold Award In a feedback survey, in Europe and North America Get a high evaluation of. 【Japanese Honey Bee KIKUKA 】Main Sales Targets Yamaga City Furusato Tax Return Gifts from 3 Companies/Own Shop Online Shop/Sanroku City Sweets Studio Hinata Café/Antika Lokanda Miyamoto/Ira Ridge in Kikuka Winery/Select Shop WELALA 【YOHEHO body warmer】Main Sales Targets Yamaga City Furusato Tax Return Gifts / Yamaga City Confectionery Factory Hinata Café / Own Shop Online Shop / Yoimono Nippon Select / Select Shop WELALA (France EC Site) Le Marche・Bali Swapsss Co., Ltd. Through our activities, we are envisioning a future in which people and the richness of nature circulate.