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(English description) YOHEHO eye warmer




YOHEHO brown rice heating&cooling pad This product is an ethical body warmer with brown rice using surplus rice in Yamaga city that produces good quality rice. In winter, it can be also used as a hot warmer after warming it up in microwave, and it can keep warm. (For the setting time of microwave, see attachment.) In summer, it can be used like as an ice pack after keeping it in a freezer, and it will cool hot flashes down. By heating it in a microwave, the moist heat from brown rice makes your body warm from inside. After using it, we can feel warm and work actively. In the summer season, we can use it as an ice pack that keeps moderate coolness after keeping it in a freezer. The average of the effective period is about for 1 or 2 years. When you can’t feel warm from it even in the effective period, you need to buy a new one. ※You cannot use the automatic heating function of a microwave because the brown rice will burn. Please be sure to set the heating time as described. The Raw Material We use the processed brown rice and bay leaf harvested in Yamaga city. Brown rice has moist heat, and it gives our body good effects. Bay leaf also has a lot of good effects for our body, not just for insect repellent.             The Fabric The fabric of YOHEHO is 100% cotton processing, that is an anti-bacterial and viral processing for fibers. This cotton is processing can reduce certain virus on fibers by 99% and suppress certain bacterial growth. This anti-bacterial and viral processing is not for treatment or prevention of disease, and the antiviral processing does not suppress the actions of virus. This evaluation of antibacterial and antiviral performance is based on fabric manufacturer Industries Ltd’ own evaluation. Handling of YOHEHO This product is using brown rice inside, so you cannot wash in water by a washing machine or something like it. You can wash only the soiled part by hand. After that, please let it dry in airy place within doors. If you let it dry outdoors, insects may come. We are picturing the future that the good-quality brown rice will be utilized to the next stage without losing the value.